October 2018 – Simon Walton


Sunday 23rd September  1400 – 14:30 AGM

Sunday 23rd September  1430 – 1730  Church House, Long Crendon HP18 9AL

Sunday 7th October   1100 – 1730  Church House, Long Crendon HP18 9AL (Bring lunch)

Friday 12th October   1930 – 2200  St Mary’s Church, Thame

Saturday 13th October  1430 – 1730  St Mary’s Church, Thame

Saturday 13th October 1930 Concert at St Mary’s Church, Thame
Updated 22 August 2018

Membership of the orchestra

Members of the Crendon Chamber Orchestra are invited to play on a concert by concert basis.  We are always interested in hearing from good standard string players (approximately Grade 7 and above).

Subscriptions are £25 per concert.

For information about playing in the Crendon Chamber Orchestra, please email

Updated 1 September 2015


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